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Vivere a Malindi | Scegliere Bambino da Adottare a Distanza | Adozione a Distanza Africa | | Projects


Vivere a Malindi | Scegliere Bambino da Adottare a Distanza | Adozione a Distanza Africa | | Projects


The projects carried out on the Mida territory in Kenya are many and the quality of life of the people of the village has significantly improved after the intervention of the non-profit organization Misheni Na Ukarimu.

Much is owed to the work of the founder of our non-profit organization and of all his supporters who for over seven years, until 2017, have worked to ensure that a church is completed in the village. Not a simple building of worship, but a real gathering center for the locals; the hub around which the current clinics have been built. The medical rooms are equipped with a dispensary of medicines, an analysis laboratory.

The Volountary House was also built around the Church, where the parish priest assigned by the Diocese of Malindi is responsible for the pastoral care of the mission. The house is also a place of support and reception for volunteer staff who in various capacities go to the aid of the mission.

In addition, the school, already present in the area, has been reactivated ensuring school and food support for children from 3 years of age. There are currently 245 attending pupils in the school and 18 teachers and school staff.

Over time, two other associations have joined our non-profit organization to support healthcare: Huruma Medical Team, and Docemus. Both associations are made up of teams of Italian doctors who offer free rotation services in the Mida clinic for several months of the year.

Thanks to this precious medical support, our non-profit organization was able to focus on current intervention projects on supporting schools, a source of education, but also of nutrition. The presence of the canteen service at school in fact guarantees at least one full meal per day for children.

Offer a quality school service to as many children as possible: this is the goal we have set ourselves for the next few years. To do this, you need to choose trained teachers and help needy families to face the expenses for the tuition fee. Families are often numerous, some so poor that they cannot enroll their children in school. There are orphans, disabled people and other difficult situations. Attending school for these children means having a chance for a better future: that’s why our efforts are concentrated here.

There are many resolutions for the future. As for the school, in addition to achieving the final goal of autonomous self-management, we dream of extending the training of older students to the learning of certain professions. Among the first projects in line, there will be the garden project: young people will learn the art of agriculture and in turn teach it to the people of their families.Then, in our dreams, the teaching of other professions is not excluded, such as tailoring, carpentry, culinary art, and mechanics.

Among the weakest and most in difficulty there are certainly orphaned children and the disabled: one of our dreams would be to be able to create a structure to welcome and host them in a permanent way. We also carry in our hearts the desire to create a project intended for women, and for young mothers: a "tailor shop" that teaches them a trade, that provides these girls with a tool to achieve their dignity through work; and a project " health care "that gives the correct medical assistance to the woman and her child.

Below you will find a service that italian national television TG2 has dedicated to the work of our association and Huruma Medical Team.